Tuesday 20th September

| BY 10 Magazine

Antonio Berardi: Ready-to-wear SS17

The starting point for any Antonio Berardi collection, and the first line of the press release is always a quote. This time it came from Leonardo da Vinci, “art is never finished, only abandoned”. Think of this collection as a kind of coming full circle, a picking up of ideas and thoughts, previously set aside and working through them to create a new whole. All the Berardi signatures for which he’s known are here, but picked apart to create new forms. Tailoring and corsetry for example have been fused as one, with boning appearing on the front of suit jackets, appearing from the front as a classic suit with a twist, revealing itself from behind to be, in fact a jumpsuit. Classic tailored bustiers tightly cinch handkerchief hemed shirt dresses creating a fit and flared hourglass silhouette. Backs of garments are light and breezy, made of sheer, pale chiffon, in grey and violet, the billow behind. Soft tendrils of marabou, suspended from the thin straps of boudoir looking baby dolls trail in each models wake. Jewel encrusted harnesses add a touch of OTT bling to elegant evening gowns, perfectly hitting that delicate balance between the feminine and masculine.

Photograph by Jason Lloyd-Evans