Monday 18th September

| BY Jack Moss

Anya Hindmarch: Ready-to-Wear SS18

The set at Anya Hindmarch was a house. Notes called it a symphony to suburbia. Having come from suburbia, I can attest that this is actually very much unlike suburbia, which is entirely depressing, and this was not depressing at all. I want to say “fun” but that always sounds a bit patronising. Let’s call it playful.

Anya always delivers her clothes with a wink – she doesn’t take herself too seriously. She said this was an ode to the 1970s – graphic, wallpaper prints becoming the jacquard of boxy housecoats, bags shaped like poofs, as in, the type that you rest your feet on. Other bags were crumpled, with swinging furry flowers, a tote printed with a kitten delighted one Phoebe Briggs. It’s all nice stuff, and those Anya girls (there are many) will lap it up.