Monday 16th November

| BY Paul Toner

10 Things We Want from Apoc Store’s Christmas Drop

I know we’re supposed to be a bit biased and all when it comes to our favourite retailers, but here at 10, we don’t half love Apoc Store. Founded by Tracey Suen and Jules Volleberg back in August – already two months old, they grow up so fast! – the online space spotlights emerging talent from across the globe. Working in a polar opposite manner to the traditional wholesale way of doing things, Apoc Store allows its designers to sell what they want, when they want and choose how much of it – putting the power back into their hands.

Gearing up to the festive period, the e-tailer has invited its designer community to take part in a series exclusive drops. The criteria? Each talent has been challenged to work with what they had – either reimagining old projects, making one-offs or adapting signature pieces in exclusive colourways. We’ve already been adding a few of them to our Christmas list. Here are 10 things we’ve been eyeing up so far:

1. Harri’s inflatable trousers

You’re bound to already know the work of London College of Fashion graduate Harikrishnan, whose blow-up pants were all over Instagram this summer. Since finishing his studies, the designer has launched his own label – Harri – and will be selling his latex creations in exclusive colours. *Warning* we strongly advise wearing these whilst trying to chow down on your Xmas roast.

2. Sun Woo’s disc gloves 

Inspired by pop-up tents, Central Saint Martins grad Sun Woo will be flogging these disc glove in all the colours of the rainbow. If you’re stuck on what to get the grandparents, we’re sure they’ll love these.


3. Anna Castellano’s flowery jeans 

Oh, I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers on my jeans. These crafty creations come hand-painted by stylist-turned-designer Aanna Castellano.

4. Corrina Goutos’ lighter clips

Once the clubs have opened, you’ll never have to worry about asking a randomer for a lighter again with these bad boys.

5. Pauline Bonnet’s ceramics

Apoc Store doesn’t just sell clothes, but art, too – like this family of ceramic pots courtesy of Pauline Bonnet.

6. Räthel and Wolf’s ear cuffs

Your gran will probably say she doesn’t like them, but we think they’re smashing.

Corrina Gouto

7. Caroline Ohrt’s Visa earrings

Some contactless earrings to celebrate the end of a year of no hugging? Very fitting, indeed.

8. Adam Jones’ Union Jack jumper

Welsh export Adam Jones is one great thing about Britain, another is this Union Jack jumper he’s made from shredded beer towels.

Adam Jones

9. James Shaw’s sculptures 

Although these sculptures from James Shaw do look sticks of candy, we don’t recommend trying to sink your teeth into them anytime soon.

10. Virón’s footwear

Talk about upcyling, Viron designer Mats Rombaut makes ace footwear out of apple and corn leathers – could these technically count as two of your five a day?

Top image: Sun Woo. You can shop Apoc Store’s exclusive Christmas drops here.