Sunday 8th September

| BY Paul Toner

Area: Ready-To-Wear SS20

Flashback to Season 6 of RuPaul’s Drag Race – remember Joslyn Fox? The undisputed ditsy sweetheart of the season who famously coined “Keep it Foxy, womp womp,” was continuously in the firing line of Michelle Visage’s harsh critiques. She was mocked for her tendency to over-accessorize, with Michelle once even going as far as saying Joslyn looked like “she fell on a sales rack at Claire’s and said, ‘I’ll take it!” A tad harsh, we know. But at Ten Towers, we don’t believe in “too much,” and it seems like Beckett Fogg and Piotrek Panszczyk of Area share the same sentiment.

For SS20, the duo piled the jewels on like they’d raided every stall in Camden market. Nameplate chains wrapped around formal twinsets and tangled between models legs as they pranced between iridescent jewels cascading from the ceiling. Gold cages layered floral shirting and pistachio green suiting, whilst liquid gold trousers and dresses were drenched in flowers that carried an echo of Bollywood beauty. Each look was wrapped up in overt luxury seemingly absent in this season’s shows thus far. From the beards out of silver chains, down to the apricot and navy fringing and evening gowns created from what looked like the most glamorous pool noodles in all the land – the Area woman reeks opulence. And yes, she does own everything.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans. Sunglasses created in collaboration with Linda Farrow.