Wednesday 24th January

| BY Roxy Lola

Giorgio Armani Privé: Couture SS18

Mr Armani has his head in the clouds. Vibing out. Yes, sweet dreams are made of Armani Privé. “I am still looking for the new and changing and adapting to today and trying to do new things,” he told us in our current issue. And so we think he has been practicing mindfulness. The mindfulness movement has flowed into this Armani Privé collection, making us feel gooood. Suddenly, we love to meditate. Spiritual Giorgio Armani at it’s finest. In tune. And so it was swirling, prints fluid with watercolours, jackets waterfalling with crystals and sequins, each placed with that pure couture dedication.

Weightless silk, so exquisite, vaporised like the clouds. Big rocks adorned necks, crystal healing powering these women forward. Electric blue crocodile rockin’, ostrich feathers making us move our shoulders up and down and to the side. We are bouncing and flouncing. But back to our contemplative state. For the man who loves to sail the Mediterranean, the atmosphere felt so right, close to his heart. Speaking of the Mediterranean, Greek composer Vangelis’ Metallic Rain and Theme From Antartica pumped through the collection, an Armani movie in the making. Epic, orchestral, electronic sounds. The lightness surged into a darkness, because the sun must always set. It was Mr Armani’s new age world, the planets moving, aligning. Closing our eyes, quieting our minds, focusing our attention on our breathing, in, out, imagining our awareness spiralling into the the light. We are healed.

Photograph by Jason Lloyd-Evans