Tuesday 5th July

| BY Jack Moss

Armani Prive: Haute Couture AW16

The Armani Prive lady is louche. You can tell by the way she walks. Glides, even. That just leaned back shoulder that comes with living a charmed life. It started with suiting, beautiful suiting at that, in midnight black velvet, plunging at the neckline and completed with a sparkling trim, tied in a bow at the front. It was a bit 90s Italian socialite. Or how I imagine that to be, anyway. Think full on glam. Dropped earrings, plenty of embellishment, peek-a-boo sheer panels, an essential pair of black sunglasses. The notorious model and long time Armani muse, Antonia Dell’Atte, was on the mood boards backstage. This was a classic type of beauty that, in the final act, was transformed into all out opera diva, with accompanying soundtrack – a full silhouette, the models wrapped in rich swathes of fabric, held in place with sparkling broaches, hair twisted in velvet atop the model’s heads. Makes sense though. Because what is Signor Armani than a true maestro? This was a symphony of fashion, darling, and we were the willing audience. You could practically feel the heart palps of the Armani-clad ladies perched front row and a swift ruffling of cheque books. To finish, the classic Armani bow. This is, ladies and gentleman, a master at work.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans