Wednesday 27th January

| BY 10 Magazine

Armani Privé: SS16 Haute Couture

Mauve. That was Giorgio Armani’s hue of choice for his spring/summer Privé collection. Purple wasn’t the only colour – there was plenty of graphic black, used to sketch out the linear, slick silhouette Mr Armani and his clients both love (the former to make, the latter to wear), and a smoky slither of ash grey. The later was underscored by a spurt of dry ice, clouding the dreamiest of evening dresses in a chic chiaroscuro. Okay so shall we talk about the clothes? Fans of pleats, bugle beaded facets, sequinned flapper dresses, exquisite ruffles and waves of fabric flowing around and wrapping the body, moving like lavender water about the female form. Purple reigns. Armani does too.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans