Monday 19th February

| BY Roxy Lola

Ashish: Ready-to-Wear AW18

Ashish strikes again, all that multicoloured glittery dreamland magic. A little bit of reminiscing to his Indian roots and a high key dig at American consumerism was on the agenda. And so he did what he does best, sequins were hand embroidered onto pants to create squiggly lines and flowers, leis adorned their necks. Tinsel shimmered in midnight blues, ruby reds and multicoloured matching sets. Mexican blanket patterns were also part of the fun, in dresses and all in ones. Bright bold commentary was stitched onto hoodies, sequinned credit card logos were turned into, Viva L’Amour, Masturbate and American Excess. Excess is right. The girls and guys wore tinted lensed sunglasses, hippie vibing and a whole lot of winter wear turned into ready to party mini dresses, some maxed out, a hint of blue leopard print that summed up the attitude of the collection. Fierce and free. A sweater read ‘All I want is Love,’ because the Ashish squad ain’t needy. They’re just having fun, they don’t care who sees.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd Evans