Saturday 15th September

| BY Dino Bonacic

Ashley Williams: Ready-to-Wear SS19

The eclectic and utterly fabulous grannies of Dorset came out to party last night at the Ashley Williams SS19 show. Dressed in the best of their customised thrift-inspired pieces, they are ready to paint the town red. Actually, not red – these grannies are painting the down hot pink, electric blue and faux-tiger fur. They ooze the strong sense of self-expression and a completely enviable don’t-know-don’t-care attitude. Hair gelled into punky ponytails and their T-shirts, swimsuits and sweater vests saying: “Retired and loving it”.

Opening the show was The Florida Project‘s breakout star Bria Vinaite, who is soon to star in Harmony Korine’s new film. But Bria wasn’t the only familiar face, she was join by a host of cool girls (as per) including Georgia May Jagger, Jess Maybury and fellow designer Claire Barrow. Cute! But as soon as the cocktail dresses and the big poofy puff-ball sleeves started to walk out, it became quite clear – these are just girls playing dress-up. That childhood sensibility is what Ashley Williams emulates so well, an idea of wearing clothes for the sake of having fun. The newspaper prints, PVC dolphin interlays and tiered cocktail dresses. Oh, the fun went on and on. As Madonna’s Borderline soundtracked the finale and Ashley’s gang stomped out together, all the clouds parted. Ashley Williams brought the sunshine to the British coast. Shocking, we know.

Photographs by Jason-Lloyd Evans.