Monday 4th July

| BY Jack Moss

Atelier Versace: Haute Couture AW16

The start of Atelier Versace was a bit Mannequin. As in, the 1987 Kim Cattrall film. Lights up – the girls were already there, in what was a bit like a shop window. Then they came alive. Call it mass supermodel action – Joan, Bella, Karen – plus an honorary mention for Naomi Campbell who watched from front row. A lesson, ladies, in how to walk the Donatella Versace way. Because for those of you worried that Versace was getting a bit sporty of late, this was sexy sexy sexy – slashed dresses, insouciantly draped jackets, tied at the waist, and straps of fabric that made the models look like a very nicely wrapped present. And what more, may I ask, could you want than that? The shape was feminine, corseted bodies with trousers beneath, flapper-like tassels in a pastel colour palette with blasts of red and blue. To finish, they assembled in perfect formation. Call it the Versace army. Donatella’s Versace army. They come in peace.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans