Monday 8th June

| BY 10Magazine

Balenciaga: Cruise 2016

This collection is, in my mind at least, sculptural – sculptural in an almost Umberto Boccioni way. Tops are cinched in at the waist, corset-like, and fan out at the hips, in wave-like folds. Trousers are full-cut, like columns. Shoes – a kind of open-toed sandal, but with a kitten heel – are triangular, pyramidal almost, in shape. But it’s not rigid. No, the floral patterns, sheer fabric and soft colours make sure of that. This is a collection made up of beautiful shapes and one which, we think, transforms women’s bodies into beautiful shapes. In fact we recommend buy a plinth, along with these clothes, that you can stand on and, to quote Madonna, “Strike a pose.”

By Ted Stansfield