Wednesday 16th May

| BY Joel Traptow

Balenciaga: Pre-fall 18

Demna has found his groove. Not that the last Balenciaga collections haven’t been total smash hits but pre-fall 18 just feels oh so right. She has time traveled from the late ’80s and reworked her wardrobe so its 2000 and now. She’s a boss and she means business. Suits are so sexy and the confidence of the woman wearing them makes them even more powerful. Dresses that don’t show a thing also give off a certain restrained sexy like “you know that I know, whats going on under this but do you actually know? Because maybe you don’t have any idea but I’m sure you’d like to find out” kinda sex appeal. All the signatures of Mr. Gvasalia Balenciaga are here, just tweaked a bit so nothing feels stale. The shant (shoe pant in one but if you dont know that by now what are you even doing), the massive “I could literally fit my entire life and significant other inside” bags are back and as lust-worthy as always, and boxy everything. It’s fall, it’s autumnal, it’s seasonal and hybrid dressing. Hybrid dressing you ask? Yes, two items coming together to form one. Silk bits fused with plaid shirts, blankets becoming parts of oversized men’s coats – it’s like a transformer but fashion. We can’t help but wonder just how much bigger things will get after seeing AW18, not in the hype sense but the literal size. Very honey I shrunk the fashions but the complete opposite.