Thursday 27th April

| BY Jack Moss

Balenciaga: Pre-Fall 2017

Joel, our fashion assistant, is mad on those headscarves. They are “giving him babushka,” apparently. Something about political climates and Russian women cradling children, which I don’t entirely catch, but is, apparently, “very now”. He’s particularly taken with those frilly floral ones that come about midway through the collection, which he would advise wearing with “with a leather jacket to go for a Sunday roast.” There is something, for want of a better word, “headscarf-y” about the collection – knotted necklines on shirts and denim jackets, hoods that tie under the chin. Can we detect a bit of a greatest hits feel too? A spin around Demna’s new Balenciaga? The laundry bags are back, so too those mahoosive wrap-around puffas, the skewed tailoring, amplified on the shoulders and pinched at the waist, those kinky stretch legging-boots. Suffice to say, the inhabitants of Ten Towers are making shopping lists. Large ones. The length of an arm. Or a leg.

Photographs by Harley Weir
Styled by Lotta Volkova