Monday 2nd October

| BY Richard Gray

Balenciaga: Ready-to-Wear SS18

Balenciaga have made old fashioned fashionable, don’t you think? As in not the “olllllld old fashioned” as in 10 years ago recycling trends theory thing, more the “bit odd, I wouldn’t wear that, ever” type thing. They’ve taken *that* and made it fashionable.

This show just was like the most amazing shopping haul around Camden Market. Camouflage? Newspaper print? And bucolic scenes of daisy fields photoshopped onto jeans? Isn’t it just so off? God, I love Balenciaga. The press release the team sent out before the show said: ‘…self-altering silhouettes have been created through the draping of necklines in which two garments are fused’. A green t-shirt sewn to the back and hanging down from the inside of a mannish shirt; a bit like when the tumble dryer fuses things together with static and it creates all these mental new garments with lots of arms and holes. And when you pull them apart it crackles.

What we *thought* was a cardigan elegantly draped over the shoulders of a model’s shirt in that gorgeous way ladies do, was, in fact, fused to it. What about that for a “garment union”. Designer Demna, said backstage, that he looked closely at the world of the bourgeoisie; “…something I don’t know a great deal about”. He then fused it with that which he does know: streetwear. Et voila! New garments. Beautiful strange exciting new garments. The bags were mad. They had odd-looking leather coverings over them like covers on a bird cage when it’s nighttime. Quite fabulous. Quite mad. And the money references, the Euro print on a dress? “Money is all around us!” added Demna.

We’d better start saving for spring.