Wednesday 8th November

| BY Joel Traptow

Balenciaga: Resort 2018

Here at 10 HQ, we’re often found in a state of entire confusion about what season fashion is currently “on” – but we are told this is Resort 2018, which we have no reason not to believe, and really, does it matter? Because this is Balenciaga and Balenciaga is always really quite brilliant. We could leave it at that and leave you with the very nice images above, but we’re prone to over-sharing so, thoughts. It’s a bit of a mix-up – a meshing together of what we were shown at Demna’s Fall 2017 show for the house with then hints of what we were getting for Spring 2018. Which was shown last month in Paris. See, it is all a bit confusing, non?

Here, the shants (pants that are also shoes) are here to stay – this time in even more patterns, like animal print. Grrr. We also have the classic Bazar bag reworked with all-over logo prints and stamps for cities like Tokyo, London and New York, which will only be available for purchase in the corresponding cities. Clever. Exclusivity is the best way to drive people crazy. We’ve already booked flights to Japan in preparation. The clothes are another outing for all the things we love from Demna – wispy floral dresses, puffas, off-kilter knitwear and outerwear that fastens in a totally new way. I mean, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.