Tuesday 25th September

| BY Claudia Croft

Balmain: Ready-to-Wear SS19

What does the Balmain girl pack for a saucy weekend in Paris? It ain’t a French maid outfit. This lady is all about a pagoda shoulder jacket, disco snoods, thigh-high boots, and see-thru onesies all in shades of galactic white and silver. Balmain Girl hails from an off-world super colony led by Cara Delevigne (who opened the show) inhabited by ridiculously beautiful women. (Men are secondary). This woman’s phaser is permanently set to stun.
Perspex shards and sequins covered everything. Prints looked like they were put through the black and white photocopier. It wasn’t all power-party dresses. There was plenty of tinsel tweed tailoring, which looked like Olivier Rousteing had sprinkled sparkling fairy dust over the French classics.
At the end, Rousteing took to the catwalk surrounded by his adoring intergalactic disco army. Beam us up, Balmain!

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans.