Wednesday 27th June

| BY Dino Bonacic

Antonio Berardi: Resort 2019

Somewhere between Sicily and London, between football and fashion, there lies the childhood of Antonio Berardi. A poetic tale of a young lad going to an all-boys grammar school and looking at sports kits with admiration, slurping on gelatos during summer – this is the story that forms the threads of Berardi’s latest collection. For Resort 2019, the brand nods at the direction of luxe sportswear. Yes, there’s the couture-like textile treatments and flawless tailoring, but then there’s the stripes and draped jerseys. Who says you can’t stay fabulous while being comfy? The focus quickly shifts between flow and structure, allowing the Antonio Berardi woman to choose, according to what she has on in her daily schedule. Rugby uniforms turned colour-block suiting get a special place in our hearts – it’s kinda the outfit we need to be wearing during Couture shows in Paris. Practical? Perhaps. Chicer than anything else? Absolutely. And yes, just to be clear – we’re absolutely biased when the clock hits Berardi hour. The Creative Director behind the brand is the mother hen, the Queen of 10 – our Editrix-In-Chief Sophia Neophitou. Fabulously styled with a pair of killer black heels and oozing with a sense of female empowerment – you need to own a piece of Berardi if you’re a true Sophia fan. We’ll be over here, sitting behind our MacBook, wearing our sorbet yellow ruffled mini-dress.

Antonio Berardi at Net-a-porter