Thursday 21st December

| BY Richard Gray

Best Of 2017: Ten Looks From Raf Simons’ Calvin Klein Debut

Calvin Klein 1

Like beautiful drugs, Calvin Klein clothes make you feel up and better. There’s no “sad”, no “down”, no mood swings. These looks are from Raf Simons’s first runway collection as the brand’s chief creative officer. That yellow fur covered in a plastic sheath is fashion Viagra – it’s up! That diamanté belt is up, too. It’s so sexual. The knitted mid-calf skirt worn by Shelby Hayes is a smart-for-town shape and incredible with heels. The cutaway ones are something else altogether. Lower your cholesterol with the wool “statin” skirt: it’s stretch and it’s saucy. Above that, a jacket in grey wool with ribbed wool sleeves in yellow is a new-style businesswoman’s blazer. We’ve decided the collection could be described as “pharma- porter” – drugs for you and your wardrobe: pretty and modern, they cure that common complaint of “I’ve got nothing to wear”. I’ve seen Lexi Boling’s look, the grey Prince of Wales-check full skirt, up close by the way. That waist and front zip come from a pair of men’s tailored trousers, but top-end, expensive trousers, and there’s a slight excess of fabric as you move down the skirt. This gives it a bit of a swing and shift, and the hips appear to move more than they actually do. It’s flirty. The rest of the line is just as up. And just as addictive.

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