Thursday 25th February

| BY Paul Toner

Blumarine: Ready-to-wear AW21

It seems Blumarine’s Nicola Brognano has dug out his Motorola Razr and dialled up the 2000s. Marking his second ready-to-wear collection for the house, the handsome designer looked to the ’00s heydays of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears to guide his sexy, sassy, Y2K vision.

“It’s a new manifesto, a message of positivity. In these tough times, we need a bit of that,” said Brognano, over Facetime from Blumarine’s lavender-carpeted showroom in Milan. Whilst many have clung to naughties nostalgia like a velour comfort blanket during lockdown (just look at the revival of Juicy Couture), Blumarine has the dancefloor on the mind, concocting the sort of Hollywood heiress, going-out uniform, you want to be caught acting a fool in, come June 21.

Showcased in a catwalk-cum-teen bedroom – art directed by Harley Weir – the brand’s signature faux fur-trimmed cardies come both cropped and fuzzy, and in knee-length, hand-knitted variations. They’re worn over low-slung bellbottoms with glistening butterfly belt buckles and barely-there miniskirts adorned with roses. “These are all reinterpretations of Blumarine codes, just now for a new generation,” adds Brognano, who says thigh-hugging satin heels, belly-baring blouses and belted tulle dresses with serious flounce is the sort young-minded clobber the Blumarine girl wants to head back to the club in. With a Vodka-Red Bull in hand, she’ll be the dancefloor darlin’ everyone wants to know the name of.

Photography courtesy of Blumarine.