Thursday 14th February

| BY Dora Fung

Boss: Ready-To-Wear AW19

The Boss person works, he/she/them is not lunching or holidaying, so the clothes has to reflect that. For AW19, the set was all the way downtown by the east river basketball court area which the Boss team transform into a sleek, modernist set that would not look out of place in the arts district. Which takes us nicely into the mood of the collection which, funnily is inspired by the art curator. Tailoring is their bread and butter and they do it so well but always a reinterpretation. A lot of great suiting for both men and women, knitwear piled on, capes and whilst the colour palette was very classic – camels, greys, biscuits, winter whites, there were bright splashes of pinks for both men and women. The Boss person knows their design, knows their architecture and definitely knows their own sense of style. They want to add a splash of colour here and there, they want to add a fun cape, a sexy thigh high boot to their everyday wardrobe, but never comprising on their luxurious tailoring and quality. ‬

Photographs by Jason-Lloyd Evans.