Wednesday 24th December

| BY 10Magazine

Boss The Collection

When you, like Dolly, and Lily and Jane, not Roz, never Roz – Roz was an evil back-stabbing bitch, never forget – work from nine to five, you will find that in the morning, every morning, you will tumble out of bed and often stumble to the kitchen, where you will pour yourself a cup of ambition (because what is coffee if not liquid ambition?), after which you will yawn and stretch in a desperate attempt to try to come alive. You will then jump in the shower, where hopefully your blood will start pumping, more likely to happen because you’ve accidentally turned on the cold water rather than hot, and think to yourself, “Nine to five, what a way to make a living.” Because, let’s be honest, you’re barely getting by, it’s all talk and no giving. You can’t help but feel they’re just using your mind and never giving you credit. You think you deserve a promotion, but your boss won’t seem to let you, and you swear that sometimes he’s just out to get you. So what’s left but to get even? The time has come to show the boss who’s Boss. In Boss. I know there are some who may say, “What’s in a name?”, but when you’re taking down a boss, why not do so in Boss? Their latest cruise offerings are very disguised predator. Prim dresses that button all the way up, with fuller skirts made of precise pleats, or simply fuller skirts made of precise pleats worn with snug, double-breasted jackets, Bauhaus-inspired grids in muted tones of blacks and greys across knits, and sharply tailored suits with cropped jackets worn over freshly pressed shirts. If you were to show up at work in something from this, no one would guess that you were thinking of overthrowing the powers that be, only that you have a unique ability to show up to work looking the epitome of organised, efficient and professional co-worker. Which is exactly the sort of appearance you should be aiming to achieve, as you don’t want anyone to guess your ulterior motives. Overthrowing empires is sneaky business. Only a certain trusted few can be allowed into the inner circle. A trusted few who, like you, have been abused by your boss and so, like you, dream of overthrowing him one day. If you happen to be Dolly, then that means Lily and Jane, and not Roz, as we said earlier. She would pretend to go along with your plan and then, at the last minute, just when you’ve the taste of victory in your mouth, she will snatch it away. And you can’t have that, not after all the months of careful scheming. And especially not after you’ve invested in a new Boss wardrobe.

By Natalie Dembinska