Saturday 28th February

| BY 10Magazine

Bottega Veneta Milan Fashion Week Aw15 Backstage Girls

Can we call this a mash up of three decades? Because it kind of is. A little at least. There are bits of the sixties, seventies and eighties here. The sixties are there in the go go boots and the uniform grid of oversized polka dots printed on wider, slightly slouchy trousers, dresses and shirts. The seventies element comes in the layering of sweater vests over silk shirts. Predominantly though it’s about the eighties. Zipped up, funnel neck tunics, power, almost square shouldered dresses, and an almost graffitied and slightly askew oversized grid print. And did we mention the silk pussy bow blouses, worn with the bow hanging loose, under printed wool sweaters and tucked into delicate chiffon skirts? They’re rather Princess Di lady-in-waiting no?

Photographer: Jason Lloyd-Evans

By Natalie Dembinska