Monday 21st November

| BY Jack Moss

Bottega Veneta: Pre-Fall 2017

According to Will, there’s a hint of “yummy mummy” to this, Bottega Veneta’s Pre-Fall 2017 collection. The kind of lady, apparently, that Will aspires to be when and is, to quote, “swanning around with a papoose containing a small baby, some sort of 4 x 4 and a babycino in my left hand, cappucino in my right.” None of this, surprisingly, came up on any sort of official communication from Tomas Maier, though to be fair to young Will, there is a certain a ladylike demureness to his latest collection. This is mainly down to the kind of 1940s inflection to the silhouette, puffed on the shoulder and slim at the waist, knee-length made from a patchwork of patterned fabrics, or embellished with tiny flowers. But, as Tomas does so well, that 1940s sensibility is dragged well and truly into the present – there’s seductive trench coats in clean-lined yellow and red or the sort of louche, sporty two-set in pink. Cann we call it a tracksuit? But this is no mere tracksuit, oh no, look closer and you’ll see that each look has been rendered in eye-watering, bank account-destroying luxury. Which, coincidentally, is exactly how we like it.