Monday 11th February

| BY Dora Fung

Brandon Maxwell: Ready-To-Wear AW19

Things that make our heart melt… a smooth door policy at shows, a proper seat, flowers are nice but a bonus, and tonight Brandon Maxwell tick all those boxes and more. He served his guests buffalo fried chicken wings, cocktails and if this is not a dream scenario, then I got nothing for ya! Last season Brandon celebrated Texas, where he came from. In that time, he took a deeper look at the women in his life and his greatest inspiration has always been his mother and the strength of all the women around him.

The clothes were beautifully designed to be armour for women against the elements of the world. Razor cut black fitted dresses, printed black and white strapless mid-length dresses, white blazers cut beautifully to fit, full skirts with roll necks, accessories were a continuation from last season but instead of cases for hats and champagne – it contact flats and flatware! A sterling soundtrack of Bette David Eyes, Stand By Me but the Tracy Chapman version and finale was to Forever Young featuring Mr Hudson. The most touching tribute from Brandon Maxwell came when he walked out escorting his mum (who was in tears from joy no doubt) and the rest of his all female team. What a good son and a bloody good collection too!

Photos by Jason Lloyd Evans.