Friday 21st September

| BY Dino Bonacic

Brognano: Ready-to-Wear SS19


California surfers meet Sicilian glam gals at Brognano SS19. Bursting in high-drama, yet submerged into a bucket of sun and sand, the collection was about the meeting of two very different cultures that come together in harmony. Thousands of miles apart and even further away in mindsets – it seems like the coasts of Southern Italy and California might just have more in common than just the salty waters. Just ask Nicola Brognano.

As always, the young Italian designer’s designs are overflowing in voluminous tulle, which has now intertwined with some colourful and sporty, surf-ready pieces. Swimsuits, parkas and hoodies play the role of the perfect beach merch, toning down the frothy, cake-like creations made for late nights at the disco. Talk about day to night back into the day. The play of contrasts between fantasy and reality works well in making all of the looks completely contemporary and ready-to-wear. There’s no more rules and occasions. Just look at the fluffy lavender tulle top worn with a pair of matching-coloured leather gym shorts and a pair of kitten-heeled slingback pumps – unexpected, youthful and charming. Are beach galas a thing? If not, they should be. Brognano SS19 is what happens when the classic Italian 20-something  year-old girl goes to L.A. on holiday, and comes back with a sultry romance and a fresh new style. Tell us all, girl!

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans.