Friday 20th November

| BY Jennifer Raymont

Ten Loves: Burberry Robin Bag

As seasons go by, it seems our obsession for teenie-weenie bags becomes even more supersized.  Although we’re fans of all things neat and petite, splashing out on a miniature purchase shouldn’t mean you have to sacrifice all the practical elements that come with a decent bag.

Burberry’s new leather number, the Robin Bag, certainly makes a case for the notion that great things come in small packages. It comes big enough to fit your phone in, as well as a bottle of hand sanitiser, a pack of gum or two and your go-to shade of red lipstick, whilst also remaining compact enough that you won’t be left moaning about a sore back at the end of the week. We’ve got our eye on the yellow plaid version, finished off with a bit of hardware courtesy of the Peter Saville-designed Burberry logo.

The Robin Bag is just one of a series of new Burberry goodies released as part of the brand’s festive campaign. Also thrown in the mix is the Olympia bag, loads of totes and a series of statement silk scarves – and who wouldn’t want one of those come Christmas morning? Riccardo Tisci is practically playing Santa this year. To think of it, we’ve never actually seen them in the same room together…

The Burberry Robin Bag is available to purchase here.