Monday 29th February

| BY 10 Magazine

Calvin Klein: AW16 Presentation

It’s always exciting to see what Calvin Klein cooks up for their biannual presentation in Milan. This season, we sauntered inside to be met with… outside. An urban park, filled with well-dressed (and occasionally well-undressed) urban rebels for us to snoop on through the bushes. They wore iconic Calvin Klein denim with modern utility outerwear, boys and girls alike, a mash top of urban street styles for a new generation of rebels. Obvs there was plenty of Klein kecks on display, waistbands – or sometimes the whole pants, when models dropped trews to show them off. Other times the focus was on the clothing – a new sculpted jean, engineered to amplify and define. Like the sculpted bodies of those lovely Calvin Klein boys, who we never get enough of seeing not enough of. Lovely job. Wish the park round the back of Ten towers looked a bit like this. Or at least had people whom looked like that hanging around. Oh, did we mention there was also a great chance to re-see the fab fashions Francisco Costa showed for Calvin in New York? Well there was, and they were.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans