Thursday 9th June

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Calvin Klein: Pre-Spring 2017

Notice the number of straps in this collection. Would it be wrong to describe it as strapping? There’s something nice about a strap though isn’t there? There’s just something about one that gives a sense of safeness. Of security. Whilst subtly hinting at a kinky nature hidden beneath the sweet Calvin Klein Collection clad exterior. Saucy! Anyway, designed by the in house design team in the wake of Francisco Costa’s departure form the house, this collection, to quote from the official blurb, “reinterprets essential references inherent to the brand’s DNA, deconstructing and modernizing iconic staples for today. Drawing from the brand’s roots in tailoring, outerwear, workwear and slip dressing, the Pre-Spring 2017 collection embodies a light, youthful and sensual spirit.” Basically, a collection designed with us in mind. Admittedly the design team might not be aware of this fact, but seeing as we are not only youthful, we are also very sensual so who else could it be for? Take Dominic aka Saucy Baby for example, the youngest member of our team. Does the nickname Saucy baby imply anything else? And whats more he is rather fond of straps. Both those you wear and those that strap you in before a rough ride.