Thursday 4th June

| BY 10Magazine

Calvin Klein Collection: Cruise 2016

Calvin Klein Collection is, how do we put it, tres sportif this season. Think, twenties tennis prodigy. Think lady basketball player slash hoop shooter. She dribbles her balls as well as she dribbles her rhymes. She’s a dribbling lyricist, and no, that does not mean that she dribbles while she drops rhymes, more that she dribbles lines so efficiently its like watching the finest player dribble a ball on the court. A delicate ballet of athletic prowess. Anyway, this was long, this was monochrome, this was all about a tightly fitter tunic worn over a wide legged culotte to create an almost fishtail effect. Think streamlined. Think aerodynamic. Think, all hail, the new dawn of air travel.

By Natalie Dembinska