Tuesday 21st July

| BY Paul Toner

Cartier Looks To The Super Natural For A New High Jewellery Collection

Earth, Wind, Fire, Cartier? The luxury house’s latest high jewellery range takes its cues from nature all around us. Well, not quite. The [Sur]Naturel collection evokes “a nature that is more real than nature itself, freed from reality’s constraints.” Think of it as a vibrant hallucination. The highly-skilled Cartier team set out to make natural materials – such as water, flora and fauna – appear supernatural; creating jewels that form in unusual patterns and structures that pop in vivid colour. “The theme of nature has always been iconic for the Maison, however [Sur]Naturel is a true Cartier interpretation of nature in a way that began in the early 20th century,” explains Pierre Rainero, director of image, style and heritage at Cartier International. “It is not only a realistic interpretation but a stylization towards a new abstraction. The Maison has always sought to push boundaries and introduce new horizons, which encapsulates the essence of [Sur]Naturel.”

With any Cartier high jewellery offering, the stones will always impeccably beautiful. Yet the [Sur]Naturel collection hits it out of the park. Classic diamonds, emeralds and sapphires are united with opal, coral and quartz to evoke clusters of gorgeous purples, oranges and greens – dazzling necklaces, rings and watches. We’ll never go back to just gold jewellery again…

The Cartier[Sur]Naturel’ high jewellery collection is available to buy through appointment.