Friday 3rd March

| BY 10 Magazine

Céline: Ready-to-wear AW17

Hundreds of stage lights suspended, bleachers for the audience, a translucent scrim giving some shadowy backstage action for us all to watch pre-show. There was a thrumming one-note organ, a giant perspective. Shadows of girls, hair, makeup. Voices, laughter, calling the show. A vague glimpse into Phoebe Philo’s privately guarded backstage. What followed was a classic game-on Céline collection, which basically means it’s all we want to wear – beautifully baggy trench coats in powdery blue; jackets that wrapped around waists; stirrup pants pulled over shoes; a simple striped cotton dress, that had tinges of a djellaba, swishy fringing; and the most amazing pair of light, tailored pants, sliced at the knee. Obsessed too with the over-the-ankle boots with the exaggerated Cuban heel. The girls swirled the room as each bleacher slowly spun and we faced new perspectives. The metaphor, as we do like a metaphor: Céline 360. There was so much to take in, a lot of moving parts. Literally. Day moved to evening. Mohair blankets were carried over the arm. The girls were cocooned – call it comfort for our turbulent life and times.

Text by Alison Veness, 10 Australia

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans