Saturday 2nd March

| BY Claudia Croft

Celine: Ready-To-Wear AW19

Volte face. Celine impresario, Hedi Slimane has turned from the skinny young rock chicks of his debut collection to a bourgeois woman who is hooked on classics. Hedi wormholed back to a time before Celine was fashion catnip. Before Phoebe, before Kors – all the way back to the 1970s when wealthy French housewives needed practical, respectable clothes that telegraphed their status without rocking the social boat. Pussy bow blouses and culottes. Knee high boots and a proper handbag. There was nothing that would shock the girls at the tennis club but everything was of the very best quality. Wealthy, respectable Parisian women had a uniform and Slimane is adding it to his Celine arsenal. He showed us his Celine bad girl with his first show but with this sophomore collection another facet of the Celine woman has emerged. She’s a grown up who likes beautifully cut, beautifully made pieces and her taste is so rigorous that she takes classic dressing to the point of fetish. Ultra French. Ultra chic. Madame Celine is here.

Photographs by Jason-Lloyd Evans.