Monday 2nd October

| BY 10 Magazine

Céline: Ready-to-Wear SS18

Here we hand over to our Céline correspondent Ms Laura Weir – editor of completely ace Evening Standard Magazine – she’s never been a “Céline-slave”. She’s loved but never prayed at its temple but today that all changed. Here’s Laura with more… “Gorge! I want to go shopping!” screamed (she really did scream) the editor, Sophia, of this here magazine as we left the incredible Céline show earlier today.

“Now THAT, is what Céline USED to be.”

“I want to go shopping, I want to buy it all”

“She’s back, Phoebe is back, and she’s back on top” – the superlative praise was coming thick and fast from the British press corps as they exited today’s standout Céline show, which gave Paris Fashion Week some all-important jzush.

This was a collection to “do” stuff in, the clothes had indelible duality and function: think garments for an aspirational life spent stomping urban streets. Think one foot in her country escape and the other in Clerkenwell. This wardrobe was designed for a bold women who wants clothes with languid, elegant form (and she’s not scared of a reworked garden clog). The shoes – oh the shoes! Stupid-fabulous garden clog booties with utilitarian stomp and clippy cloppy spindle-heeled slingbacks. Then on they came, the dream spring ankle boots. Remember when Céline pioneered the mismatched gold earring look? And then the mismatched shoe? And for Spring? Prepare yourselves for the mismatched vamp look. On the left foot a bashed gold pebble, and on the right a glitzy button!

Designer Pheobe Philo reappropriated a man’s wardrobe too; think top half: a structured blazer with oversized proportions, bottom half: a mid length pleated skirt. Shouldn’t work, but it did, and looked phenomenal doing so. Elsewhere, the waist band of a mannish pair of trousers (belt loops and all) was hoicked up to become the neckline of a sleeveless dress. See also oversized gold snaffle belts and waisted beautiful silk printed mid-length dresses with tonnes of movement. The hair of many of the models was bobbed just at the shoulder, and swished just the same. This was elegant and graceful; cool and contemporary. Let’s go shopping!

Photographs by Jason Lloyd Evans