Wednesday 8th November

| BY Joel Traptow

Céline: Resort 2018

We would start this by discussing the rumours that a certain Ms Philo is leaving the Céline building but we won’t go there because, quite frankly, the thought is making us far too emotional. And besides, we have an entirely new Resort collection to paw over above, which is an entirely nicer thing to think about. So on with that. Where do we start? Stop me if you’ve heard this one before – these are clothes that women want. We know we bang on about it but it really is Phoebe’s unnerving talent to predict exactly what we want to wear next season. It’s chic. Tailoring that literally makes your stomach flop in a I-think-it’s-love kind of way. Grandma-y printed turtle-necks made totally modern. Even sexy. Slinky negligees, draped jersey dresses, lots of very good, roomy bags. But it’s look two in particular that I can’t quite stop thinking about – a shearling coat with knit collar and pockets so fuzzy, so fabulous we can’t imagine life without it. Like, really. We NEED it. We might die without it.