Monday 22nd March

| BY Brittany Newman

The Chanel 11.12 Bag Will Never Go out Style, and this Campaign Proves It

Like all fine wines out there (and we’re quite clued up on our vino), a bag should get better with age. The Chanel 11.12 is a testament to this sentiment. Perhaps you may know it as the Chanel flap bag, but no matter what you call it, your memory of this staple accessory will be quickly jogged by the vision of your mother strutting around with her best friend (not you, the bag).

In a new campaign photographed by Inez and Vinoodh, a gaggle of the industry’s modern supers can be seen taking their 11.12s across the streets of Paris. Anna Mouglalis, Imaan Hamman, Rianne van Rompaey, Louise de Chevigny and Zoé Adjani sling their trusty bags over their shoulder or under their arm as they go about their everyday; grabbing a paper and cycling through the busy streets, included.

The luxury house has dubbed the campaign The Chanel Iconic, where legendary status was acquired all the way back in the early 1980s thanks to Karl Lagerfeld, who elevated a version of a bag originally made by Coco Chanel. Taking the blueprint of the founder’s 2.55 bag and transforming it in true eighties Lagerfeld style, the late visionary turned the bag into every little girl’s dream – but how exactly did he achieve this? The infamous double-C found itself on the turn-style clasp fastening, while the chain-link strap was replaced by the now synonymous metal chain interwoven into leather. Lagerfeld’s elevated additions to the bag all complimented the pre-existing “diamond” quilting which covers its silhouette.

Vouching for the timelessness of the bag, model Louise de Chevigny says: “My mother used to have one, and when I was younger I would steal it from her. At first to play with and then when I started going to parties, it was a source of pride”. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, the Chanel 11.12 will forever embody the allure of the house.

Photography by Inez and Vinoodh.