Monday 6th February

| BY Phoebe Briggs

Chanel Beauty: Introducing Chanel’s Coco Codes

1- CHANEL - Spring-Summer Collection - COCO CODES -1080x1080

Dearest Tenners, we would like to commence the week by sending you a message that, under normal circumstances, would have us blocking the idiot that deemed it an appropriate conversation starter. So here goes… Happy Monday! Bear with us, we aren’t twisting your melon, today could actually be your first ever, happy Monday. And who do we have to thank for this cheery start to the week? Why, Chanel Beauty of course. Allow us to explain… By about this time in February the New Year resolutions are all forgotten (unless you have far more self control than us at Ten Towers, which in fairness isn’t that hard) and you’re searching for an easier way to be a better person, without the gym membership/ juicing/ fasting/ general self-flagellation that you dabbled with in January. Despair no more – thanks to Chanel Beauty we have a sure fire way to improve yourself for 2017. Allow us to introduce you to ‘Coco Codes’. With this Monday gift we can offer you a new chicer version of yourself with a full Chanel-approved face. So what if you aren’t naturally blessed? Paint it on. Lucia Pica, Chanel Global Creative Makeup and Colour Designer, or as she is otherwise known, Beauty Goddess, has created the new ‘Coco Codes’ range for Spring/ Summer 2017, based on the brand’s iconic colour codes of red, black, gold, white and beige, according to Pica, Gabrielle Chanel “Could not help using these colours… This was who she was, it was her life”. Well, if five colours were enough for Gabrielle Chanel, they’re good enough for us, and with blush/ lipsticks/eye palettes and nails all covered in the range, there is no excuse to look less than perfect in 2017.