Friday 4th May

| BY Roxy Lola

Chanel: Cruise 2019

And we’re off. Welcome aboard. Full steam ahead, it’s cruise time and we’re ready for our global tour, starting with Chanel. Karl Lagerfeld shipped in a gigantic cruise liner, called La Pausa, for the show. Never underestimate him. How else does one do cruise? Toot that foghorn. We’ve been waiting to be invited to see a cruise collection at La Pausa, the house that Coco Chanel built in the 1930s in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin. It was repurchased by the House a few years ago and so instead, Karl brought its spirit and location, the French Riviera, to the Grand Palais. This was exactly what Chanel women want to wear as they kiss goodbye to their (lack of) responsibilities and hop in their fabulous cars or onto their yachts, headed to the Sud de France for the summer. We’re envisioning it as a girls trip, because men don’t matter anymore, and so all the women will spend the summer in the lightest cropped tweed jackets that sit at just the right length, with a little looser width and a touch of easy volume. Chic.

Huge double C’s hung from the neck and they walked so prettily in Mary-Jane’s. We’re over the sneaker already- who would’ve thought we’d love an MJ so much? It was a storm of berets, softly swishing striped pants and all the classic motifs from a 1930s stroll along the quay infused. Fresh, white tights sat under pretty, delicate puff sleeve shoulder mini dresses, some tiered, and others sparkled with sequins. Clothes that glitter and gleam under the European sun. There was a sense of nostalgia, a summertime romance. Always done best in Chanel. We would know. CeCe Peniston’s ‘Finally’ was on blast. Our kind of off to go cruising tune. Michel Gaubert always gets it right. Lagerfeld was the one who paved the cruise way, shipping us around the world on fabulous adventures, long before any other. It was a moment, to be back in Paris and celebrating it. This is the Chanel heartland.