Friday 3rd May

| BY Dino Bonacic

Chanel: Cruise 2020

Choo-choo! It’s the sound of the Chanel express pulling into the Palais-Royal in Paris. And for the first time in 35 years, the loco pilot is not Monsieur Karl Lagerfeld. For her first collection as the creative director of the French fashion house, Virginie Viard decided to take the Cruise tour to its home. Perhaps a way of grounding the new chapter and reassuring all us Chanel superfans that everything is alright. But in fact, things weren’t just alright – they were absolutely stunning.

The show was still themed around a scenario, this time of a big train station. Accessories followed the storyline (those embellished signalwoman lamp handbag carried by Marjan Jonkman had us drooling) and the classic tweed jackets were re-interpreted into a modern wardrobe, cinched in with signature chain belts. Without breaking any rules or disrespecting Lagerfeld’s heritage, Viard found a way to take all these elements and bring them to the next level. It’s difficult to follow a king of fashion, but there’s a reason she’d been by his side for over three decades. This wasn’t a fresh start, but a continuation of a conversation Coco Chanel started back in 1909.

As for the clothes, there was plenty to choose from. A variety of silhouettes gave a feeling of a real-life wardrobe, while the casting spoke of a fabulous French woman getting on a train at Gare du Nord. Elegantly dishevelled, with her hair straightened and her clean face embellished with a strong black lip, the Chanel gal has places to go and people to see. And when the night falls, she’s whipping out a chic and embroidered (but quite subdued) gown to whip out. This is just the beginning of a journey, and we’re beyond excited to be on board.