Tuesday 5th July

| BY Jack Moss

Chanel: Haute Couture AW16

This was an ode to the Atelier. A glimpse behind the scenes of Karl’s magical house of Chanel. A golden ticket inside, if you will. As we arrived, they were there, stitching, sewing and other very clever hand-based activities. There was even a scantily clad model getting fitted, her modesty preserved only by a very chic Chanel robe. As one gentleman seated next next to me said, “are we backstage by accident?” No sir, we weren’t – but as the show began the Atelier remained, working, whilst the the models weaved their way through. They were an important backdrop, being, as this was, all about the intricate art of couture – dresses with thousands of stitched embellishments, handmade tweed, puffs of feathers that emerged from the models necks. So what better backdrop than those magical hands who make it all come together? To put it simply, it was extraordinary, a thrilling collection by a man who consistently pushes what it means to make couture in the modern age. At the end, he shared his victory lap with four of the Atelier. A magical moment.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans