Friday 19th February

| BY Jack Moss

Chanel: SS16 Eyewear Campaign

Who doesn’t need a gorge pair of sunglasses in their life? We often extol their magical ability to both shield us from the world/shield the world from us. Sometimes this face just isn’t ready to be viewed. And really, who better to provide aforementioned sunglasses than Chanel? They know a thing or two about the world of optics, as evidenced in this teaser for their SS16 eyewear campaign video. Because where better place to perch their latest shades upon than the perfectly proportioned face of Miss Cara Delevigne? In a what might be called a “triumphant return” to the world of modelling, she sports a choppy haircut, glows in flashing neon lights and manages to stay poker faced as thunderous noises fill the air. No mean feat. It’s like she’s some sort of artificially intelligent super human. And the sunnies themselves? Well, they have been engraved with the Chanel quilt by laser. Laser! Isn’t Karl clever? Welcome to the future. It looks great.