Saturday 15th April

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Chanel: The Classic

Chanel The Classic

“Isn’t my house classic?” asks Cher in Clueless. “The columns date all the way back to 1972.” Well no, Cher, since you ask. Were those columns removed from the Parthenon and shipped across the Atlantic to live a life away from the prying eyes of tourists? No. Therefore they are mere reproductions, and no one likes a fake. You know what is a classic, though? A Chanel bag. The first 2.55 was released in 1955, so if you were to judge these things on age alone, you can figure out who’s winning in the classic stakes. Luckily, though, classicism is also based on design, which nicely brings us to the Gabrielle, a mere foetus in the age stakes. To begin with, there’s the name, taken from the lady of the house. It means woman of God and what was Gabrielle Chanel if not a goddess? People named Gabrielle also happen to be competent, practical and often obtain great power and wealth. Who hasn’t dreamed of a bag to make up for all their shortcomings? Admit it, going to a boutique and purchasing your competence, wealth and power is less tiresome than working for it. It’s also an easier way to communicate it to the world. There’s a reason people refer to these quilted beauties as status symbols. You’ll never be mistaken for a farmer with one on your arm, and isn’t that a mistake we all want to avoid?

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Fashion Editor Will Johns