Tuesday 22nd March

| BY Jack Moss

Chanel’s Tweed-Inspired Sunnies

Chanel SunglassesWe know that these new Chanel sunglasses were inspired by tweed. We read the press release. For once. Tweed, as you may know, is a fabric enjoyed by Scottish people, posh people and the house of Chanel (occasionally all three), the latter of whom, with these new sunglasses, are embarking on a mission to put tweed all over your body, including perched upon your lovely visage. You may call such dedication to a single fabric the “Danniella Westbrook”. But how exactly does one achieve a tweed effect on a pair of sunglasses? Well, using “specific know-how”, apparently. Something about bonding denim with a few grams of rubber and then weaving acetate as if it’s threads of tweed itself. We don’t entirely understand, but it sounds convincing. And I mean, just rub your fingers along them. Go on. Feels good, doesn’t it? But really, if we’re being totally honest, a pair of sunglasses should be primarily judged on their ability to block out the world. We’re moody bitches, you see, so we’ve picked out this particular pair for their ability to provide the near- impenetrable shield we have always longed for. They’re the eyewear equivalent of “leave me alone”. Which basically makes these the perfect accessory for any power woman’s face. No eye contact required.

Take from 10 Commandments, Issue 56 of 10 Magazine, on newsstands now…