Thursday 20th October

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Chloé: Resort 2017

Remember when Joni Mitchell sang about the Ladies of the Canyon? Us neither. Even describing ourselves as barely foetal when that was released would be a stretch. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be experienced via Spotify. Like most things, apart from Taylor Swift. Anyway, the ladies described in this canyon, always sounded rather glamorous, in that sort of hippie rock lady in a cloud of opium way. You don’t get to be Estrella, the circus girl and be wrapped in gypsy shawls, or Trinna and be trimmed with antique lace without a cloud of opium smoke engulfing you. It just doesn’t work that way. In our heads anyway. What does work for a lady of the canyon though, rather well in fact, is the Chloé Resort 17 collection. There’s always a bit of a seventies hippy thing in mustard about a Chloe collection which seems rather fitting for a Joni Mitchell heroine. Gaucho trousers and oversized ponchos were striped in that Mexican blanket stripe but more subdued in colour, while sleeker, single hued offerings laced up at the neck, Robin Hood style, giving them a slight outlaw vibe, and what is a lady of the canyon if not a modern day outlaw?