Tuesday 5th July

| BY Jack Moss

Christian Dior: Haute Couture AW16

Celine Dion was at Christian Dior’s Haute¬†Couture show. Celine Dior. Will wants credit for that, all the way back in London. Thanks Will. Anyway, Celine is the greatest, Dior is the greatest. Call this a match made in heaven. Unfortunately, Dior did choose to recreate her iconic backwards tuxedo jacket circa the 1999 Academy Awards, nevertheless what was on offer was equally fashionably arresting. Call this simple. A colour palette of black and bridal white – who said that monochrome couldn’t be romantic? There were plunging necklines, floating layers, Grecian twists, a sprinkle of golden embellishment. And sandals. Yes, flat sandals. Who’d have thought? Our feet are shuddering in pleasure at the prospect. Of course, the bar suit was there too, reworked once again into something that touched on masculine, a contrast to the femininity elsewhere. Maybe you could see the Dior woman as the bride and groom all in one? She’s modern like that, see.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans