Friday 13th January

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Christian Dior: Pre-Fall 2017

There was a hippie equestrian vibe to Maria Grazia Chiuri’s second outing at Dior. Think bohemian jockey, a Brothers Grimm fairytale princess form some snowy clime on a horse if you will. Theres tulle here, and velvet, embroidered with zodiac symbols and hearts, layered under leopard print coats or rich tapestry inspired numbers. Peter Pan collars at top of velvet baby doll dresses, not too dissimilar from a festive party dress are paired with discreet Dior chokers and a Sherlock Holmes style checked cape comes complete with matching riding boots and hat. It’s an eclectic mix of styles, tough with an underlying sweetness. The new direction at Dior is individual pieces that can be mixed and matched at will. The days of a full look are over. To quote Miss Maria Grazia of Chiuri, “I don’t think it’s possible today to only show one look; I think women want iconic pieces that allow them to find a look for themselves.” Which is exactly what she’s offering here. Think of this as a fancy Woolworths pick and mix, but less sickly sweet. Unlike that throwback this won’t rot your teeth.