Tuesday 5th January

| BY Jack Moss

Christopher Kane: Pre-Fall 2016

Tuesday morning and a quick foray into Christopher Kane’s brain via the medium of his Pre-Fall 2016 collection. Today, we’re channelling a mind reader, probably from New Jersey, who works entirely through the medium of clothes. Something along the lines of Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo (see here), who would probably tell your that your dead dad was trying to communicate with you through the peach blouse you’re wearing. And that he’s happy on the other side. So anyway, what insights can we glean from Mr Kane’s handsome-looking Pre-Fall collection? Well, he’s having a bit of a peer backwards into the memory bank. Recognise those masking tape stripes, the puffy frills, nice little bits of perspex? The neon? The body con? Well, they’ve all appeared in some sort or another in a previous collection. But far from a dip into nostalgia it’s electrified with new life and luxury – the old sitting alongside the new, new fabrications, new colours, new shapes. Our medium-self would say that he is “embracing the past to look forwards into the future”. Our real self would say it’s kind of like a Greatest Hits, Part 1. Because you know there’ll be more.