Tuesday 17th January

| BY Jack Moss

Christopher Kane: Pre-Fall 2017

Frame it, hang on wall, admire. That is what we would advise doing with the above collection, Christopher Kane’s Pre-Fall 2017. Because this is not just clothing, but art. Or, rather, has art upon it. Outsider art. Artists that don’t fit within the system. Like artists Heinrich Reisenbauer and Johann Korec, who Mr Kane discovered via an Imagine documentary on the tele, before visiting them at the Gugging House of Artists in Austria. “Outsider Art is considered by some to be a lesser form of art. I disagree, I see creativity in its purest form. This work comes from a very honest place, full of emotion and meaning,” Mr Kane said via press release. “I wanted to bring Heinrich and Johann’s art to life in clothes that embody naivety, sophistication and lightness.” There’s that sort of eclectic, pieced-together, artist’s studio feel to the clothes, mostly through that masterful class of texture and colour – unravelling metallic tweed, tassels, touches of fur, giant sequin embellishments that hang from both hemline and ear. The silhouette itself echoes this – a little childlike, naive, cinched at the waist with slim tie fastenings. Soft drapes, asymmetric hemlines, stronger, masculine outerwear. And of course, those artworks that enliven the collection – giant flowers (a bit Groovy Chick – love), sunshine prints, nude forms. Or that jumper with Reisenbauer’s smiling face on it. Because yes, art looks good on the wall. But it looks even better right across your chest.