Thursday 16th May

| BY Dino Bonacic

Christopher Kane: Pre-Fall 2019

The right side of Christopher Kane’s brain is very kinky. From intercourse-embroidered lace and the illustrations from The Joy of Sex to full-on rubber kinks – his creativity often reverts to human sexuality for inspiration, taking eroticism and the visual clichés of its representation and injecting garments with a sense of humour. Wink-wink, nudge-nudge, and the slinky lace dress goes from being a street pastiche into becoming a covetable, unique garment. The Pre-Fall 2019 collection is no different. Revisiting wardrobe classics with his subverted eye, Kane elevates fashion moments we already know (too) well into surprising garments you want to own. Swarovski crystals and Marilyn Monroe, polkadots, lace and granny’s pearls – these are all back with a vengeance, ready to become as modern and chic as the first time round.

This is occasion wear with personality. Party dresses made for early mornings, suiting that will make any of your colleagues look twice, maybe even three times. The way Christopher Kane puts clothing together is what makes his designs stand out even more – take the chainmail and lace top worn with a polkadot midi skirt. Loud and odd, yet somehow easy-to-wear. And that’s where Kane hits the soft spot – crafting wearable silhouettes out of elements that most would prefer to stay away from. The pearl-drop fringe is a prime example – something old, something new, all things totally fabulous. You don’t even have to wait to shop for these pieces – the first drop of the collection is already online and in stores, with the rest dropping in the coming weeks. An embellished t-shirt asks “Would you go to bed with me?,” referencing the 1998 Touch and Go hit single. The answer is yes, we absolutely would.