Tuesday 23rd February

| BY 10 Magazine

Christopher Kane: Ready-to-wear AW16

“There is an idea of beauty expired this season. But how that dead and thrown away beauty often looks better than when it was supposedly alive”. There’s a sense of jumble sale scouring, bag lady eccentric to Christopher Kane’s AW16 collection. You know that crazy lady at the end of the streets who walks around her house sipping gin and talking to her cats with a plastic scarf on her head tied under the chin to protect her coiffure from the rain. Stripes are long and made of appliqued ribbon which is left to dangle and trail, marabou is sewn into seams that circle the body and erupts from collars and cuffs, sheer lace is worn under mannish coats, the collars and cuffs thick with and almost dreadlocked shearling. There’s something rather faded beauty about this. Something that’s further underscored by the pale grey mink. Well, what could be more faded, or should that be fallen beauty than a little mink. Would you sip gin in anything less?

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans