Tuesday 20th February

| BY Roxy Lola

Christopher Kane: Ready-to-Wear AW18

The Christopher Kane girl is getting serious. This season she has grown up, she’s wiser, calculated and disruptive. We like her already. We knew we would. It began with the illustrated guide to sex, ‘The Joy of Sex and More Joy of Sex’ by Chris Foss and Charles Raymond. More Joy he called it. Yeah! “I have never shied away from sex in the collections – and this one is no different,” said Mr. Kane. Sex was the underlying element that powered this woman forward, taking complete control, she was getting shit done. No one could stand in her way. And so she wore what she wanted, a cleverly contrasted wardrobe that proved whatever she put on, she could still be THAT bitch.

She marched in shiny tough leather, sweet pastel floral prints with panels of black lace edging up her leg and dresses slit sky high. Oh yes, she went there. It was still practical – belted coats were slyly carved into round the sleeves and worn with leather gloves and sheer beautiful dresses swirled desirably. Jewels dripped armour-like, moving in time to the pounding beat, ready for battle. Super casual and oh so pretty because they know they’ll be winning. Crushed emerald velvet hinted at a rebellious rampage. “Prim and perverse.” The ‘Joy of Sex’ illustrations came into play on the final dresses, marabou edged and flouncing in certainty. She was in her own world, doing as she pleased, as Christopher said, “in charge of it.” We’re rooting for her. Ready to join the ranks. Off she goes, total domination.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd Evans